Likutay Torah/Torah Or

The Oral Torah of the inner dimension of the Torah

What did the Rebbe say about learning Likutay Torah?

Over the years (recorded in his sichos from 5715 through 5752) the Rebbe repeated many times his request that every Jew in general and in particular every Chassid should learn every week the Chassidishe Parsha of Torah Or/Likutay Torah. He emphasized that these maamarim contain the fundamental teachings of all of Chassidus and through learning them this will hasten the coming of Moshiach.


5715: Toras Menachem vol. 13 page 175

Everyone should take upon themselves to learn every week the maamarim of Torah Or/Likutay Torah connected to that week….these words aren’t meant only for those here but for every Jew in the entire world!

5725: Toras Menachem vol.42 page 306-308, vol.44 page 93

Whoever is here today and every Jew for all time, even a Jew who is only called a Jew, should take upon themselves to learn Likutay Torah every week!

5746: Toras Menachem 5746 vol. 3 page (384-)388

Everyone should increase in learning the Inner Dimension of the Torah, starting with the Likutay Torah, even though we must certainly learn the maamarim of the Rebbe of this generation, at the same time we must fulfill the instruction to learn the Chassidishe Parsha...through this we will merit to learn the Inner Dimension of the Torah from Moshiach himself!

5749: Sefer Hasichos 5749 page 41

The custom among many chassidim has been to learn Likutay of that week with the members of their family, even young children.

5752: Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sarah 5752

Just as it was requested that everyone learn the entire Rambam since it includes all of the Oral Torah of the Revealed Torah, so too should everyone learn the entire Torah Or/Likutay Torah which included in it the entire teachings of Chassidus...and this will hasten the completion of our mission to bring Moshiach!